2 thoughts on “Jurgen Klinsmann hired”

  1. You guys have no idea of soccer. Right now is the best opportunity to hire him. The US soccer team hasn’t done anything in any big tournament with Bradley as a coach. In the 5 years he has been playing with the same style or no style. The US solver team needed a change and it is better to have it now before the world cup qualifying games start. By the way, to have the best team the US need to start training and making young talented player to win matches and specially at the world cup level…

  2. If there was any single reason Bob Bradley should have been fired, it was his decision to bring on Bornstein (the most mediocre player not to mention defender on the US squad) in the Gold Cup final against Mexico. He was single handedly responsible for at least 2 of the goals scored by Mexico, maybe even the third one as well.

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