Jurgen Klinsmann wants players to put them on the market with strong World Cup run

United States Men’s National Team boss Jurgen Klinsmann has told his players they will be playing for glory, fame and fortune at the World Cup.

Except for a few exceptions, the USMNT are one of those low key teams in the World Cup who do not have much to expect from the showpiece event of the beautiful game but the former World Cup winner has said this is where the players need to perform if they want to sky rocket their careers to the stratosphere.

The German has told the players that they can put the top clubs on notice by their performance in the World Cup.

Klinsmann told the media that this is the stage for the players where they can prove they are ready to take their careers to the next level or even higher than that. He went on to add that there is no better event than the World Cup and whoever steps on to the pitch, should embrace this opportunity, give it a smile and go for it.

Jurgen Klinsmann knows a thing or two about going for glory at the biggest stage of them all when he won the World Cup with West Germany back at Italia ’90.

There have been countless instances where players secure big money moves – often for extremely inflated values – on the back of their performances at the World Cup and the former Bayern Munich boss wants his players to put them on the market with a strong run in the tournament.

Not many people expect the USMNT to get out of the Group of Death, Group G, which features the likes of Ghana, Germany and Portugal but Jurgen Klinsmann wouldn’t mind as long as the team can give a good account of themselves and go out with a big bang.