25 thoughts on “Jürgen Klinsmann”

  1. All the good things died with the 90’s, music, movies even football players… I stopped caring about world cup after France 98…

  2. When I talk with somebody about 90’s football, Klinsmann is one of the names that first come to my mind. Great striker. Maybe he wasn’t the absolute best, but he is unforgettable.

  3. jurgen klinsmann was my favorite player in the early 90’s, bayern munchen, he was an all star best soccer player in the world in my opinion

  4. germans dont play with their feet but with their heads,, so everytime its either going to be runners up or semis or champions

  5. Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win. -Gary Lineker

  6. Juegan , If your reading this , please help out your liittle brother
    “norse country’ in the coaching department . Help Jim Kerr and faroes islands team . Dont worry about the money factor or the fact they have a population of 48,000 , do this from your heart .. !!! it would be a dream come true if this team ever decides to win – and can , please help them … !!

  7. Deutschland wird Weltmeister!!!

    Hoert euch mal mein WM Leid auf meinem Channel an.

  8. Klose tied Klinsmann at 11 goals 🙂 Gerd Muller is at 14 goals. Hope Klose scores many so can take over Ronaldo record of 15 goals.

  9. Klinsmann and Gerd Muller “der bomber” are two of Germany’s best goal scorers.

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