25 thoughts on “Klinsmann”

  1. @shaunofcas1 A 3-4 beauty! God that season, with all the leaky defence and Ozzie’s diamond. Them were the days eh!

  2. @klinsmeier Klinsmann was voted footballer of the year for 1995! a class player…

  3. Somehow I´m proud that Klinsmann, coming from my home town Stuttgart, is so well respected in England.
    It was typical for him that he scored remarkable, difficult goals (followed by a theatralic but sympathic elation), whereas he had sometimes problems in making the easy chances.

  4. i was one of the 4000 spurs fans at hillsboro that day , this game was a classic it had everything.

  5. he was player of the season with a mid table team. wow and first high profile international to be brought for years since the turin scandal

  6. übrigens wäre echt cool wenn jemand mich von meinem einsamen dasein retten würde

  7. @gracianindita I agree. Klinsmann is a very attractive man in addition to being a great player.

  8. @Quixpeed yup and their ability to not crack under pressure (penalty shots) 🙂

  9. you”ll never beat Des Walker, oops he just has, Klinsmann, great header jumping like a salmon at hillsborough!!!

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