17 thoughts on “KLINSMANN – against south korea 1994”

  1. Juergen Klinsmann just signed as US national soccer team coach…one of the
    greatest players ever

  2. @BRIAN798195 한국으로부터 존경의 뜻을 표한다는 뜻이죠… 존경하면 안됩니까? 뛰어난 실력의 축구선수인데.. 예를들어
    하다못해 동전따먹기의 달인이라도 내가 존경하면 존경하는거죠.. 뭐 그리 베베꼬였습니까?

  3. My mother and I were from Germany, and watched this game when we came to
    the states. I remember running through the house just like Jurgen, arms out
    screaming. Still my favorite goal of all time.

  4. There was a defender in his way, preventing him from shooting with his
    right leg. Morever, there is more space on his left. Any striker who shoot
    with his right foot in that sitution should not be in the National team.

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