Klinsmann Already Plans For Next World Cup

A 2-1 defeat against Belgium saw United States being eliminated from the 2014 World Cup but the manager of the squad, Jurgen Klinsmann has already outlined some of his plans for the years to come as the German tactician revealed details about how he is planning to reshape the team.

During the World Cup, United States locked horns against Portugal, Belgium, Ghana and Germany and the American team conceded goals in every single match but nonetheless one of the standout performers of the entire competition was Tim Howard.

Tim Howard made superb performances in every match as he tried to keep his team fighting till the very end and not concede goals in the early stages of any game. During the last match of the World Cup that USA played, Him Howard broke the record for most saves in a World Cup match as he made 16 saves throughout the entire match and this is just evidence of how important and influential the veteran shot-stopper was for his squad.

However, at his 35 years of age Tim Howard has already stated that he is considering retiring from playing at the international scene and Jurgen Klinsmann revealed his plans of allowing younger players on stepping up and representing USA.

“A good thing about this next year is that we kind of have the opportunity to see a lot of young players coming to our platform, coming to the senior team. We can give them time to show where they are up to right now. The experienced players, or the older players, we can tell them for the next couple of months: ‘Go play in your club environment, we know you inside out anyway, we know what you bring to the table’. But right now maybe there’s time for the next couple of friendlies that come up and over the next year that we want to see the young players grow and see how they can make it.’”

The German manager of USA also went on saying that in order to recognize a huge improvement in the squad, it will take a long time but he believes that everything is going the right direction.