25 thoughts on “klinsmann v the scousers”

  1. I was in the Centenary stand when that went in. I screamed so loud with my mouth closed I ruptured my vocal chords.


  2. lucky i dont hold it against Klinsmann for playing for Tottenham & not Werder-Bremen 🙂

  3. A place in the semi finals and then yer met the real scousers and it was ass kicking time

  4. When I saw the Scousers in the title I was also expecting to see his goals against EVERTON, too

  5. i think this could have been the first time i ever saw us beat liverpool in my life….i was 13 at the time….

    the less said about the semi-final tho the better….

  6. i was at this game being a red and all, and it was a great goal i remember it like it was yesterday. Cant believe how long ago this was. And no this was a season or 2 seasons before we got collymore

  7. Some Liverpool fans actually clapped this goal and clapped for Spurs at the end.

    Klinsmann and Sheringham partnership was unbelieveably good, and I think Scousers appreciated this. I’m not if they had Fowler/Collymore combo at the time, someone will have to remind me

  8. yeah, i was at school back then. shared maths with 4 everton fans, how i hated the semi final. the blues were relegation candidates and we got thumped 4-1

  9. Well he also has a proven history of mental problems if you recall certain moments at Arsenal. Nuff said.

  10. He played a big part in keeping us up thats for sure but I think a lot of credit has to go to Ginola aswell and a certain twat of a defender who’s name I wont mention. All 3 were fantastic and without them we’d have gone down. Still I believe Klinsmann to be the best striker to have played in the Prem and its a pity he didnt have more seasons with us.

  11. bit of a nob aint ya mate? i can see SOME similarites between him and a certain portugese twat. COYS.

  12. Klinsmen single handidly kept us up in 1998!!
    Surely he needs to be regarded as one of the greatest imports ever to English football!!
    C O Y S !!!!

  13. TOugh life being called Arron after another great player
    better change your name 2 something more fitting to your attitude !!!

  14. Haha yeah we are well shit aren’t we.Amazing how you turn you argument. Klinsmann was one of the premierships greatest. FACT. Regardless of what ever reason you beleive of him leaving doesn’t make any difference to the fact he would of had a bigger impact had he spent more time here. Don’t compare someone who spent 1 season to players who spent their career in the EPL.

  15. wot loan deals r never made permanent.. he fucked off cause spurs were and still are…shit

  16. Considering he spent barely anytime here, the greater impact he would of made if he had 6 years + here…

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