25 thoughts on “Klinsmann”

  1. @kev6409 He is the reason I became a Spurs fan. I’d admired him in Italia 90 and again in the 1994 WC and 199495 was the first season we got EPL coverage int he US. I started following Tottenham to see him and when he scored the winner in the FA CUP quater final at Anfield I jumped out of my seat I was so delighted. I knew from then on I was Tottenham Hotspur supporter.

  2. La classe et la sobriété incarnées. Y’a bien que Klose pour lui arriver à la cheville

  3. i remember that he has two choice at that time.. either AC milan or Monaco.. he could have gained more if he goes to milan…..

  4. Ah .. O Pior Jogador do mundo até o Ronaldo gordo joga muito melhor que o klinsmann .. ate o pele veioo joga melhoor ate o meu vo com 70 anos .. esse video e o pior que eu vi na minha vida deus me livre … vc ingleses naum sabem colocar videos no youtube!!! vai toma do cú!!

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