17 thoughts on “Sunil Gulati and Jurgen Klinsmann Roundtable as part of U.S. Soccer’s Centennial Celebration”

  1. Actually, that is another point. But we clearly know that the better
    competition and players are overseas.

  2. I’m personally glad that Goodson was injured. He’s not good enough to be a
    starting international defender.

  3. LOL! I’d be much stronger than he is. I still remember the friendly the US
    played against France and that bum got muscled off the ball by Rémy. Total
    embarrassment is what he is. Does he even start for his club? I would doubt
    it. He’s not a convincing defender at all.

  4. It’s all about training. Hopefully, Klinsmann can help improve this. They
    also need to focus on the lower leagues as well. That’s the only way that
    footy in the US will improve as a whole. For USSF to only focusing on MLS
    is a huge mistake. Development needs to take place in NASL and USL.

  5. To an extent. Obviously MLS can’t compete football-wise (currently) with
    the big leagues in Europe, but I think they’re catching up to the 2nd tier.
    It’s also really difficult to judge a league that is merely 17 years old,
    compared to those of Europe. Patience. It’s improving every year.

  6. I agree that the MLS is improving. What needs to happen is that the second
    division NASL and third division USL Pro League needs to produce better
    soccer players.

  7. It’s easy to tag players from their previous league, but to claim it as the
    main source and continued source is idiotic. MLS players leave the MLS to
    go face better players and get better training, that is a fact. MLS faces
    poor quality players, and can barely compete with Liga MX clubs, which in
    fact are barely competitive in Club World Club.

  8. Improving enough to hit a ceiling short of world class quality clubs and
    players, this league and its system will never generate a world class
    player or club.

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