Former Germany national team manager Jurgen Klinsmann has said that he expects the United States national team to get a massive boost from his experience of having managed the top players in the world. He has said that his experience of having played against some of the best players in the world both for the club and country will help the players of the United States national team to be much better in the future. Klinsmann oversaw a famous 1-0 defeat of Italy recently. The former German manager is expected to make a big impact for the country by the time the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off.

Klinsmann has said that he will probably sing the German national anthem if there was a match between the two national teams because of the fact that he has not forgotten his roots. There was a recent report suggesting that Klinsmann was looking to impart the German tendency within the United States players, which has been criticised in some quarters. However, Klinsmann has rejected such rumours by saying that he is looking to bring the national team up to the level of the European and South American standards.

“It would be difficult for me in such a moment not to sing the German national anthem. I do that automatically. I always sang along as a player and as a trainer. Why shouldn’t I do it in such a situation? It doesn’t necessarily have to do with the game. My long-term goal is to make US football so strong that at some point we can be measured against the greatest teams,” Klinsmann said in a recent interview. The manager also said that he is looking to utilise the vast amount of talent amongst the players with Hispanic ethnicity for the national team.