26 thoughts on “USMNT: Bob Bradley Fired”

  1. @USsoccerdudes Well, you’re right.. His long run with the US team finally came to an end. Lets see what this new manager brings to the team.

  2. @rickyricardo2006 Getting to a conf. final doesnt guarantee 8 years of a contract. That run was also very rough, we were almost knocked out, and despite taking us to the finals, he screwed up in the end. Also, he put guys in like Bornstein or Clark that cost us games, and he stuck with guys that he had connections with. He needed to more than just get a confed final, which was a little lucky. Coaches have to be consistent, Bradley was not.

  3. @mistertoyster2000 We are not responsible for what other youtube users say or do. We accept all friend invites because it doesnt really matter on youtube. But just because his name is Mexicuitor1000 or whatever doesnt mean he hates latinos, he just hates the team. This same guy could be cheering for guys like Torres or Castillo, remember, its sports. If I said I hate New York because I am a Red Sox fan, it doesnt mean i hate New Yorkers, it just means I hate their team.

  4. @fadi2k8 No, just two games, for a midfielder, he needs to be constantly in form. He also loses the ball frequently so he is a defensive liability,

  5. Guus Hiddink lost games like crazy for S.Korea prior to the 2002 WC if I’m not mistaken, not Australia

  6. a little off topic, but do you guys think freddy adu locked up a spot on the US roster after his performance in the gold cup?

  7. @laloculeros Dont be so negative, he isnt going to teach us how to dive, but if thats how you win a WC, then nobody’s complaining.

  8. @laloculeros
    What the hell are you talking about? Argies? Wtf is that? Just say Argentina if want people to take you seriously, Klinnsman isnt a diver he did get hit in the game against Argentina by a late tackle which he then overreacted but guess what…it worked, then you know what happened next? Germany won. Thats football all that really matters is the result because no matter how much a person whines after the fact, its not changing and i wouldnt worry about the US diving i mean Argenti

  9. i bet Klinsmann is gonna teach the US team on how to dive and how to act hurt like he did very well in WC 1990 against the argies, Acting is what this Klinsmann knows how to do well, no way germany would have beaten argies in WC90 if it wasnt for Klinsmann’s good acting abilities.

  10. @Filip3anut Its because they want to keep posession and are afraid of risking the ball in the midfield. It is annoying but it shows lack of creativity, our talent pool is good, it was just that BB didnt use the talent pool right, like skipping over Diskerud and Spector, the big thing we lack is a #10.

  11. @ADAJ3 I didnt say he overachieved or underachieved, i said that he just did the requisites and that shouldnt even be considered as a reason for him to stay. For a coach to stay, he has to do something extraordinary, which is not getting into the R16 or even winning the group, it is getting to something like the semis.

  12. I have a question. how come whenever i see american teams play international teams they ALLWAYS pass it back to the defenders. they rarely attack. its annoying. mls all star vs manchester for example. is that how they play? they need to attack more. i hope klinnsman change this

  13. @USsoccerdudes he didn’t overachieve, he won the games he was suppose too. (except for Panama)

  14. @NITESHADOWshouske 4-3-3 works with our youth, not our seniors, but klinsmann could do integrate it into his system.

  15. klinnsman ftw. his attacking mentality should be a good thing for the usmnt. but my concern is what formations will most likely be used by our new coach? my personal favorites would be the 4-3-3 and the 4-4-2.

  16. @ADAJ3 Marcelo Lippi won the world cup for Italy, and Bruce Arena got us 2 GC titles and a WC QF, but both sucked in the next cycle. Also, it was the easiest group in the WC, we should have gotten to the Round of 16, we topped the group because England sucked. We lost Ghana primarily because of a BB mistake with Clark. We might have lost, but at least it wouldnt be so directly connected to a coach error. Dont confuse accomplishments for requisites. Getting qualified or to the R16 is a requisite.

  17. I don’t think he did anything to get fired because they topped the group at the world cup last year, lost to a good team in Ghana(should’ve been in the semi-final), lost to an improved Mexican team in the Gold Cup. But I like the firing because they upgraded with Jurgen Klinsmann. The president Gullati should be fired too, given Bradley a 4 year deal last year?

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