21 thoughts on “Who’s the Genius that Decided to Name the US National Team in Two Parts? On TSRC”

  1. We know you are but what am I?

    Crying? Who the hell is crying? You wouldn’t know sarcasm if it brushed up against your tiny little man-marbles.

  2. Because Agudelo is by far more experienced and deserves more opportunities, morales and corona won’t do anything up top. Agudelo already proved he can score in hostile crowds and some of the best in the world..

  3. You guys sound like a bunch of girls crying… There is a reason you are doing a radio show and not coaching lol

  4. I’m really dissapointed in JK for not including Lichaj, Kljestan, and Beasley. Those three guys deserve to be in this team more than anyone else. I was also disappointed not seeing Ream and Whitbread named in the roster but in Whitbread case he just got release from Norwich. Why does Beckerman always gets called up I have no clue it seems sad already. Don’t understand why Agudelo gets called up and for Morales and Corona I believe he called them up so we can cap tie them to the US.

  5. Jozy didn’t fizzle towards the end. He actually was scoring consistently at the end. He struggle mid-season and the manager was vocal about a few things, benched him and jozy fought back to a starter. He had a great season and will grow from this experience to have another great season net year

  6. he fazed out later in the season causing them to lose the league to Ajax. And from what I heard he doesn’t get along well with the manager

  7. He has 19 goals for the club… more than anyone else. He is 7th in the league among goal scorers and you think he has been mediocre? What the hell have you been watching.

  8. well you guys said they should just call everyone in monday. so sounds like you are complaining that these guys got a few extra training sessions in. DAMN THEM WHAT WERE THEY THINKING

  9. Most teams just call up everybody and it is a given if they have one more game before that they’ll show AFTERwards. This may seems obvious to you, but it seems unnecessary to others.

  10. Alright I’m only a couple minutes in but comon guys. He called 16 this week so they can report and train, those guys are TRAINING. And of course hes not going to call in mls guys when they have games this weekend. Its a professional courtesy to the players and clubs. You guys bitching about the two lists is the first time I’ve considered one of your statements to be outright dumb, the reasons are obvious

  11. MLS players reporting early, as Real Salt Lake have no games scheduled this week. The other MLS players selected will report after the weekend’s league matches.

  12. Of course it’s a poke in Donovan’s eye to not pick him and drag this out with him. Donovan picked club over country. That is unacceptable!

  13. So when Donovan does get called up whose gonna wear the number 10 jersey him or Dempsey?

  14. Haha…. Got to say you guys do pretty good in the podcast. I like the show thumbs up!

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