24 thoughts on “Dog Busts a Racist in Wales; Klinsmann Bullsh*ts Us About Herculez Gomez Exclusion”

  1. Huh? Am I your personal news correspondent? Look it up, it’ll take you five minutes to find what he said online. It’s not a secret.

  2. well if you’re not going to even allude to what he said then why bring it up ? We’re supposed to just take your word for it??

  3. He said a lot more than f**k Mwamba… Things about his race I’m not going to reprint here… Whatever you think of his punishment, he did say some stupid fugging things

  4. Good to see Gomez got in last week. Gomez does have weakness defensively off the ball, but he can kick the shit out of the ball. His kick level is SIMILAR to Beckham!! But Gomez did not sit on the bench that much at Estudiante! To be fair, Klinsmann has made a much deeper look to Mexico than prior USA coaches. Much more than Bradley anyway. …

  5. Well anyway you slice it, arrest, charges, and trials like this or the one against John Terry are not reflect frions of freedom. ‘F Muamba’ btw is NOT racial at all. I believe Barclays Premier League has good reason to reprimand Terry, but government censorship is a Gestapo tactic. I recommend people ‘block’ racists comments will be more powerful.

  6. I am familiar with the UK’s laws on racism/racist expressions. I was more or less venting exasperation with these absurd statutes, that’s all. And I couldn’t agree more with your final sentence; actually, I would say that having these laws might actually exacerbate the problem. At any rate, keep up the great work with TSRC! This is the only thing on Youtube that I subscribe to!

  7. couldn’t stop laughing at the “pine riding” comments. good show, how old is gomez right now? (just wondering)

  8. I don’t know who said “I do no agree with what you say, but I will fight for your right to say it, even though you’re a racist POS”. I don’t think that’s the vorrect quote, but it is how I feel.

  9. Actually in Germany today there are a lot of laws still in place banning any kind of pro-Nazi statements or support of Nazism. There laws in this way are also very anti-free speech.

  10. I think that’s why Derek pointed out that some people may or may not like this. We’ll see what his punishment is. The laws in Great Britain prohibit making racially abusive comments. John Terry got into legal troubles for the same thing (except his were verbal remarks). I don’t think these laws curb racism, it just seems to keep racists from saying racist things (legally).

  11. I don’t get how people can get arrested for being idiots. Racism is stupid, but, damn, getting arrested for it is far more disturbing.

  12. This idiot should not have said what he did however, being arrested etc for remarks made on the internet is frightening, it’s like Nazi Germany here these days. As for Stan collymore, well he just likes to beat women, who the hell is he to talk!

  13. While the content of those tweets were disgusting, the prospect of big brother arresting a citizen over his/her opinions (albeit, nasty ones) is downright scary. Is freedom of speech meaningless in the UK (that’s a rhetorical question; I already know the answer)? As long as no threats were made, it’s beyond absurd to arrest a man over a tweet; a very dangerous precedent is being set here with this sort of modern-day McCarthyism.

  14. Poor Muamba. Why do a lot of Africans suffer that kind of condition without knowing and when they play on the pitch they succumb to their death? You know, like Vivien Foe.

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