25 thoughts on “Inside the Lines: MNT Trains in Carson, Calif.”

  1. I loved this video.. fast paced and constant action.. i could have seriously watched this for 2 hours.. us mnt lookin pretty good from what i can tell… This game vs costa rica should be in the bag and a lopsided victory if we play like we did against mexico

  2. @nothintosee i was about to say the same thing. Donovan is so far ahead of these other guys in every aspect it’s ridiculous! he not only makes the right decision but executes them with precision. It astonishes me how much Donovan could help out ANY EPL team yet it seems like no one besides Everton has showed much interest in his services. I know everyone is on the Chicharito bandwagon right now, but LD to me is still the best in North America. Pure Class.

  3. there were 2 plays that really made me take notice… then i realized they were both donovan’s plays 😛 he’s really good

  4. Donovan looks so much better than anyone else in this drill. He is so composed and moves the ball so quickly.

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