8 thoughts on “Jurgen Klinsmann interview”

  1. Klinsmann is a very talented coach & he will bring USA to become one of the
    strongest football team in America, but of course, Sunil must keep
    believing & giving him times, at least Klinsmann will need more than 4 yrs
    to mold this team since soccer is not a very huge popular sport in USA
    compared with basket, baseball, football, even ice hockey so there are
    fewer talented player in there, but with his innovative idea, surely he
    will bring glory to USA as long as USSF keep supporting helping him

  2. Why would they show that old ass picture of Barca?? Ronaldinho doesn’t even
    play in Europe anymore…..

  3. Might want to update the Barcelona picture… Ronaldinho is long gone and
    Iniesta’s hairline is back a few inches

  4. @laloculeros But why Tango can only go to final ONLY BY WINNING PK MATCHes
    ? surely its not Klinsmann dive but its Tango themselves that are too
    pathetic to won any match fairly, especially since they have too many world
    class players like today too, even without Maradona, they still a far
    stronger team than Germany, Tango is just full of OVERRATED players, even
    when Messi win many cup yet the truth is Xavi who allowed Messi to win any
    of his award, that’s why NO XAVI ? Messi is nothing hahaha

  5. i know economic patriotic is good but thiose usa coach suk blown a 2-0 lead
    aginst brazil in africa 07 proof those guy are b long in lil league jk is
    good i dont epect him taking usa to final but hopefully they play smarter
    team football

  6. i bet Klinsmann is gonna teach the US team on how to dive and how to act
    hurt like he did very well in WC 1990 against the argies, Acting is what
    this Klinsmann knows how to do well, no way germany would have beaten
    argies in WC90 if it wasnt for Klinsmann’s good acting abilities.

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