25 thoughts on “U.S. MNT Head Coach Jurgen Klinsmann Gives Thoughts on Group G”

  1. You actually know that Klinsmann is german? All the hate against Germany
    with a german coach, that also won the world cup with Germany in 1990 is
    pretty silly in my eyes. I hope we´ll see a good fair game. I like Jurgen
    Klinsmann very much he´s a honorably man, coach and soccer player as well.
    Glad to face him in the group. And if USA beats Germany or Portugal like
    they did with Ghana it´s a great job of the Team and their coach. Good luck
    to all players and a fair and friendly world cup 2014. Greets from Germany
    to all the US-Fans!

  2. Oh Americans last time you faced a German B-C team which never played in
    this constellation before. Next time you will face our A team and be
    prepared to get totally destroyed. Auf geht’s Deutschland kämpfen und

  3. I don’t know much about soccer but I plan on watching the world cup. Is
    Germany the best team in the world cup? doe the USA have any chance of
    beating any of the teams in the group ?

  4. The sad part of this guy is that he sees himself being a GRINGO!!!!!! Her
    forgot that he is actually German ………………what does he want to
    proof………unbelievable he comes probably back to Germany and
    communicates with his bad accent in his SCHWABIAN English.

  5. in a few weeks from now we take the word soccer ans stick it in your a….

    you are football nowhereland and we will show you the way home!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’ve always wonder why people get so political when talking about sports,
    Especially Soccer/Football. I hope Klinsmann does not turn his back on USA
    to help his native team. Go USA! Portugal will be a piece of cake :))

  7. I hate how they call every group the group of death just because their
    lousy team is in it. ghana portugal usa and germany is a normal
    group. group D or B are actualy the strong groups with the big names.B with
    holland and spain or D with england and italy.

    germany had its usual lottery luck. fifa world ranking doesnt mean shit.
    Portugal place 4 and germany 2 ? seriously? germany has never won a match
    against italy the past 20 years or so and italy is place 9 ofc behind
    portugal what a joke. Italy for example would never suffer against teams
    like swe. why would they they dont build a team around one player like swe
    or portugal.

  8. i so hope the US has grown alot, because i want my mannschaft to crush them
    😉 but i want an awesome and hard fought game, so give it your best as long
    as the germans win :P

  9. I love this guy’s positive attitude and forward-looking personality. The
    draw was all in his hands. He is actually in control of FIFA, not Sepp.
    This is one big plot to rock the world. There is no Illuminati, there is
    only Jurgen Klinsmann.

  10. As I already said on the Germany vs. USA friendly match, I really like the
    US team. I really wished for you (US) guys no to be in our group (germany).
    Not because I think we will definatly win this, which I still hope ;), but
    because I hope you get far in this competition. Ghana and Portugal are
    tough… you are tougher!

  11. This group seems to be very strong and tough for USMNT. Ghana is on top of
    all African nations in WC soccer game and they are trying to secure a
    ticket to be the first African nation to reach WC semi-finals and probably
    the finals. USA in the other hand was on a do or die mission to lift the WC
    trophy for the first time and definitely will leave no stone unturned.
    Germany and Portugal is a well known soccer nation that needs no
    introduction, Soccer game is part of European culture and tradition in the
    sense that they were not in this group to draw with any non European
    nation other than winning.

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