Michael Bradley position in US National Team Debated

Michael Bradley’s position in the US national team has been subjected to much debate. While the American International is used to playing in the centre of midfield, national team manager Jurgen Klinsmann has not been afraid to experiment with the 27-year-old.

Since he is at the peak of his career, it is often maintained that Klinsmann would be fine with just using Bradley in his best possible position. The Toronto FC star is not someone who comes with a great reputation of scoring goals. After all, he has managed only 13 goals in 93 matches for the national team.

Klinsmann used the midfielder as an attacking force at the World Cup. It has been speculated that the former Bayern Munich manager may even consider pushing the 27-year-old even further up the pitch. A lot will be revealed about Klinsmann’s ideas when the US take on Denmark in a friendly match towards the end of March. The US also have another friendly lined up against Switzerland. Both these matches could be used to improve the team even further.

After the retirement of Landon Donovan, Klinsmann will have to find an attacking force capable of scoring goals a regular basis. The US are not involved in competitive action until the summer.

“We see [Bradley] in that half position, ideally, like he played [against] Mexico last April. I think this is really a role where he can connect with the forwards, [where he] can play those penetrating passes — those ‘killer balls,’ as we call it — and maybe even finish himself.We don’t want to see him come back and pick up the ball from the center-backs. We want the center-backs to open up the game and stuff like that, but we’re working on that. It depends a lot also who’s next to him,” said Klinsmann.