JurgenKlinsmann continues to struggle with his national side

July 22nd is not a date worth remembering for the United States national side and all of their fans as this was the day when the U.S team lost against Jamaica in the semifinals of the 2015 Gold Cup.

Losing against Jamaica was a huge surprise as the American outfit was one of the favorites of making it into the finals and actually winning the entire tournament but ultimately lost 1-2 against Jamaica.

This defeat is a huge blow for JurgenKlinsmann and the national team in itself but mostly for the German coach as the pressure is really beginning to build up. Bob Bradley is the previous manager of the United States national side and JurgenKlinsmann was the manager who replaced Bradley, when the German coach was selected as the new coach, this created a wave of optimism as he promised to turn the American national side into an energetic and youthful team that could compete against some of the best teams in the world.

These promises haven’t been fulfilled as the results have not been up to par with what has been expected and assured. There are a number of problems that the team of JurgenKlinsmann has been displaying and the German manager is the man that fans are putting the blame on.

One of these problems is in relation to the defensive department of the American national side which has John Brooks and Ventura Alvarado at the heart of it but this combination of defenders has been disappointing.

Matt Besler and Omar Gonzalez are playing outstanding in the Major League Soccer but JurgenKlinsmann has constantly been overlooking players in the MLS as he prefers to give the chance for those who are performing in Europe but this needs to change in order to allow other players the chance to step it up on the big stage.

JurgenKlinsmann also seems to be unsure about which combination of players to utilize as he used different formations and distinct starting XI’s in every single match during the Gold Cup.

The United States national side has to play a friendly game against Peru and Brazil in September and these friendly encounters will be incredibly important for JurgenKlinsmann and his team as they have to prepare for their upcoming Confederations Cup playoffs match which is scheduled to take place on October as they face off against Mexico.