10 thoughts on “MNT vs. Honduras: Pre-Game Press Conference – Oct. 7, 2011”

  1. Check out my channel! I was at their open training. See what went on and stuff!!

  2. I’m all USA, but I’m not going to blow sunshine up fans asses. As things are right now, Mexico is 1# in concacaf zone. USA has a lot of work to do. We have the coach and team to do it.

  3. well,I saw the match between USA and Honduras,the U.S has more chances than Honduras and more possession,and I think Mexico’s better than Honduras

  4. agree,my expectations for the USMNT is that they need to win this one,2 loses against Belgium and Costa Rica,and a draw against their arch-rivals Mexico are not enough!

  5. they better, because im playing my own game at the same time and I dont want to come home and find out that they lost again

  6. It would sure boost morale among fans, if the team could get a nice win this evening.

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