24 thoughts on “MNT vs. Venezuela: Reaction – Jan. 21, 2012”

  1. Kilnsmann actually speaks english very well considering it isn’t his first language

  2. pretty sure our WNT coach is swedish, and we made it to a world cup championship this past year… so yeah point being nobody cares about your opinion

  3. You do realize that Bob Bradley is now the coach of Egypt’s national team, right? Not to mention that Luiz Felipe Scolari, a sensational manager from Brazil, has coached three different national teams (Brazil, Portugal & Kuwait). This isn’t just an American occurrence. Think before you comment,

  4. @Snip714 What does the coach of a soccer team have to do with national identity? Your school should buy new textbooks…

  5. grats usa u have a coach that can’t even speak ur language. no national identity

  6. jurgen….keep coaching like this and you can have my wife….

    …OR…if you don’t, i’ll send my wife….

  7. It was a pretty bad match, we were pretty Camp Cupcakey like you would expect, but this Venezuelan team was absolutely terrible. We hardly played amazing but still managed to control the game, our chances were far better and only the finishing really let us down (like it always does).

    Real glad for Clark though.

    I am very happy that the USA win this game:)
    Venezuela always draw with us. -_-
    Greetings from Mexico:)

  9. It’s still taking me a while to realize that we only won 1 – 0 🙂

  10. we controlled the whole match we had so many chances it should have been at least 6-0 don’t tell us that was hardly a victory

  11. Pleeeeeeeeeease this was Hardly a victory.
    It was almost the Veneulas fault for bitching about that penalty or else the game woulda ended with the extra 4 minutes 0-0
    But at least we didnt get goaled i guess

  12. 2:50 look at the way that reporter chick is looking at Feilhaber. Eye humping him and checking him out. If I was him I’d be macking on that…she’s gorgeous.

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