Premier League legend Teddy Sheringham has disclosed that Tottenham Hotspurs almost signed South American football legend Diego Maradona in the 1990s.

Argentinean Ossie Ardiles was the manager of Spurs. He wanted to lure his compatriot to join the team at White Hart Lane but then he decided to make a move on Germany football star Jurgen Klinsmann.

It is unknown if Ardiles regretted his decision as he was fired in 1993 as big transfer signings like the German and others failed to live up to expectations. He was a legend as a player but that was not enough to keep him on.

Sheringham revealed that he got on “really well” with the then coach as he was the skipper at the time. He said the coach asked for his opinion to sign Maradona. He said he encouraged him to as he was ecstatic to play with him.

Sheringham added that Ardiles said he was in talks with him but that within a few days the coach decided to go for someone else, claiming Maradona has “too much baggage around him.”

Sheringham admitted that he was disappointed but that he quickly got over it with the announcement of German striker Klinsmann.

“I just couldn’t believe that Jurgen had just won the World Cup, and he was coming to Tottenham, and he was a revelation at Tottenham,” Sheringham said.

Klinsmann has played for the biggest teams in Germany, Inter Milan and Monaco before his move to England. After he failed to impress n England, he moved on a free deal to Bayern Munich and Sampdoria. He has been impressive as a manager with stellar records in North America.