17 thoughts on “Studio 90: 100th Cap Edition”

  1. The point is that we have enough talent where we could have beat France. I’m saying we should try to win these games. Kyle Beckerman is not the answer in central midfield either.

  2. as of the last few times we played Sweden we did reasonably well. Last time we won 3-0. 3 goals by Sasha Kljestan.

  3. Sweden is a good team, I hope Klinsmann keeps it at that level, even if it means losing many of those games.
    Better lose now than later.

  4. I know we play Sweden but that’s all we know. don’t be surprised if we have to play more European teams next year

  5. Why is this a must? These are friendly games, they don’t even count on the FIFA rankings.
    Would you rather see Klinsmann letting his team play against weak teams, and then get shot out of the statium at the next World Cup?
    He’s letting them play teams on World Cup level right now, so they know what has to be done at the big tournament.
    Facing teams who can actually beat the USA is the best thing the team can do, every thing else would be cowardly behavior and poor preparation.

  6. yea sure that’s why more people watch the WNT games than the MNT ones right?

  7. This is a must win for the US. It is no longer good enough to “gain experience” anymore. We need results Klinsmann!!!

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