25 thoughts on “Studio 90: Focus Shifts to Scotland”

  1. I thought about this too. But it makes sense if we remember that he is far more experienced and has played very well with the MNT before. Because this is qualifying the games count so experience and chemistry matter. Danny will break in soon, especially due to his age and being called into the initial camp.

  2. Why Beckerman? How about the fact he has the highest pass success rate (over 89%) in the MLS!? Also maybe because of his work rate, specifically being trained to play on the national team with Donavan in years past, one of the best defensive mids in the MLS. there’s just a couple for ya. Also plays for RSL the best small market team in the MLS continually proving they are top teir without the money LA and New York have. that last part is a side note. GO USA! RSL till I die!

  3. Why Beckerman but not Danny Williams?? Not a Real Salt Lake fan so I’m not really that sure of his abilities. But he’s an enigma to me.

  4. Wow I actually remembered play a pickup game there, lol we snuck in from the back part and started playing on the first field we saw. Lol back then we were like 14 years old, now I’m…….15.

  5. i guess you might be a sj fan 😛 but i preferred boyd over wondo. mark my words this kid got attitude and has a bright future.

  6. Dudeeee that complex is amazing, I played there in December for the Disney Showcase. Wish I was there now! #usmnt

  7. are u serious cut joe corona ? hes has scored 4 goals in his last 4 games with the u.s
    hes a future american star!! You dont know anything about soccer!!

  8. Scottish guy here. I think we will, as we say in Scotland, get “humped” by you lot Haha. Still looking forward to the game! All the best!

  9. @lakersjohn1 He’s been the only forward to have had any consistent shots. Wondo plays well with another forward. Boyd plays for a third division team as a sub.

  10. @MMAmachinhead92 Wondo is crap he is not International quality also he is not going to cut Boyd because he is a Beast.

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