23 thoughts on “Studio 90: US MNT vs. Brazil Preview”

  1. Hopefully brazil wins then Mexico slams brazil. Then I’d have something else to brag about aside the 4-2 defeat. Oh yeah fuck the usmnt and their xenophobic fans. Or flip floppers I would say, one day soccer fans the next back to baseball.

  2. I just pray they play attractive attacking football against Brasil and don’t bunker down ala bradley

  3. yup…they are all cringe worthy…

    especially the one that’s like ” we like it we like it “..hahahahaaha..

  4. also, are we the only team in the world who puts so much stock into friendlies??? lol…they mean nothing…


    Sounds like some redneck evangelical preacher giving a speech on Sunday morning public TV

  6. I’m gonna be there! Ironically right behind BRAZIL’S bench! Hahaha! Gotta learn how to say “Usa is the BEST” in Portuguese.

  7. He’s saying the US isn’t like the Brazils or the Spains who it doesn’t really matter how well they do in international friendlies unlike the US who are judged every game by the world.

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