25 thoughts on “Studio 90: MNT Camp Begins in Carson”

  1. @jherr005 im not a freddy adu fan, but younger AND better? he’s 22. who in midfeild do we have thats under 22 and better than adu? im just wondering who your suggesting thats younger than him that should be played over him.

  2. this dude looks like a major pothead, but so does klinsi and altidore and dempsey…oh never mind, go US.

    now to go find some bud

  3. a) does one of these dude’ eyes hang slightly lower than the other? b) is it lazy eye? or c) is it all the weed?

  4. Freddy Adu is a bust people, get over it and move on. We have younger and better guys that should play

  5. @HitmanEF are you kidding? if you vs a professional male tennis player vs professional women’s player the man would win every time (this is actually a known fact not an opinion)

  6. This guy, Mark, is providing us with great coverage of our US team. With the childish responses on here, I think we should be greatful enough for material like this. No other national team comes close to our internet site, or media goodies like this. Show some respect people.
    GO US!!

  7. @ChelseaSoccer4Ever he’s better than that monotone caveman that used to cover the usmnt but creepy nonetheless hahaa

  8. Good to see Fabian and Timmy C! I wish studio 90 would talk to some of the new guys. Dont really care to see/hear Robbie Rogers

  9. this reporter is a complete stoner that gets to hang out with the national team. dream job. fire him so one of us can take his spot

  10. The reporter was so awkward, but they need to show less of him…. He kept trying to do stuff with his hand that wasn’t holding the microphone with.

  11. i think they have a really good chance….but the players need more exposure
    abroad..clint and jozy are in spectacular form for their clubs….kyle beckerman
    was a nice addition to the team(finally)

  12. you are retarded if you think the women’s team could beat the mens team…..men would beat women in any sport…..its actually a fact

  13. It looks like the Mark Liskevych (host) has been taking full advantage of the easy access to medical marijuana in the state of California.

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