25 thoughts on “Studio 90: MNT Ready to Face Mexico in Philadelphia”

  1. @peeinmyeyesocket I agree, in some cases Bob made great decisions offensively, but defense is the best form of offense so yeah.

  2. @RenyRuIez i think the new coach made a huge difference, some of bradleys decisions were really questionable and were detrimental in the loss to mexico in the gold cup

  3. Jürgen once scored against the USA at WC 98, you guys remember that? I’m sure he’ll make up for it with a big win. Greetings from Mexico!!
    USA 7-0 Mexico
    (Yes I hate my country that much)

  4. LOL. Respect to USA team
    I didn’t post it, but on the other vid about Jergen as coach, I almost put that the benchmark is Mexico. Mexico is the Litmus test. Mexico is kind of how you measure if the USA MNT is any good.

  5. realistically i think mexico will win and the stadium will be pro mexico, i say 2-1 Mex, but i really want USA to win

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