25 thoughts on “Inside the Lines: MNT Training in Philadelphia”

  1. What type of shorts is Tim Howard wearing? I am 12 year old GK and I want to be just like him

  2. @408ec The last 10 years is what matters, And counting that, we have 10 wins, 5 losses and 3 draws. Mexico’s title of CONCACAF kings is over. Now, If you like Mexico so much, Why did you move here?

  3. mexico has won the gold cup 6 times
    Mexico has gotten to the federatioto win it,
    USA played AUgust 10 with 4 hispanic players???
    Mexico ANd USA have played 60 times, They tied 12 times
    us won 15 times,
    mexico won 33 times
    usa scored 68 goals
    Mexico scored 131 goals so that means mexico have been the best all this time and they will continue to be the best for a long time
    USA gots 19 more games to win to be better 😀

  4. I’m Mexican-American and I have always supported the US. I’m glad the US played better in the second half.

  5. im glad there are more hispanics in the squad.latinos should support the usa too just like my family does.viva usa!

  6. TOO SLOW. Adu, Torres and Bradley looked very good, everyone else needs to speed up their reactions. ATTACK

  7. @Tvpolo9 Youve gotta be kidding me? Is this even a valid argument? What a joke England dominated the whole game, and USA just got lucky. Dont ever compare USA to England cause the talent level is just on a whole other planet. Give you a example Manchester United played MLS “ALL STAR TEAM” what a joke 4-0? If England didnt have fag apello maybe we’d get somewhere in the world cup, but we always seem to get the coaches who play all of the all stars instead of team who produces.

  8. @FreeSoccerKicks Ya thats why England beat us in the world cup and won the group, oh wait, never mind the US tied the game and won the group, and we were both eliminated in the very next round. Seems pretty even to me. We just don’t have anyone in our federation blowing Sep Blatter to rank us in the top 10 like England, so I’ll give you that.

  9. i hope at some point he brings Starikov into the squad. whether it’s this year or 2 years from now.

  10. @D13ima not the womens team. Whichever country you are in, the USWNT would crush the team.

  11. Lol I hope tim ream starts haha he’s horrible Mexico wins by murder well since it’s a friendly maybe by a goal they will probably go easy on the USNT:p

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