18 thoughts on “Studio 90: MNT in Brussels for Match with Belgium”

  1. I’m from Belgium and we may not go to the european championship but we’ll be there for 2014 ! Our team is growing up and the players are all in great teams in Europe but the only problem is that they still young for a national team and for big championships (Average 23 years old)

  2. they all look exhausted from the time change. i bet many of them didn’t get much sleep

  3. Jürgen Klinsmann is not God. Open your eyes and realize that your team is shit, Give up don’t keep your hopes up, I’m just saying the true

  4. Keeping a Clean Sheet – check it out, a fans perspective on the USMNT’s tactical outlook

  5. @lukio583 we are in competition with germany and turkey for a place and those teams are way better than the us

  6. what makes you think you’re gonna lose? Belgium is good but not unbeatable! I’m German by the way, so good luck with Klinsmann 😉

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