25 thoughts on “Behind the Crest: The 23 [MNT: Series 2, Ep. 2]”

  1. Never easy to send players home. I think Klinsmann did a good job of handling it.

  2. na ain’t like that many people don’t know what goes on the sport so this another way to show the american fans what goes on and maybe get more supporters .

  3. lol, yanks worship their coaches don’t they ? authorising the cutting process to be shown to everyone WTF !!

  4. Yeah Hard Knocks was more what I was thinking, and the way they showed the coaches meeting and talking about how players played and showing the depth charts for each formation (how freaking awesome is that!?) was very much along those lines. The other thing that surprised me was how they showed Jurgen delivering the news to the four guys not on the 23. That was very interesting, but could you imagine the guys like Ching who got cut from the World Cup final roster? That would be some good TV.

  5. Do you know what humor is? In case you don’t know what it is look it up and then read my comment and try to realize what I was trying to do with this little parody. Damn even you’re analysis in this comment are as weak as you’re videos you post. You must be on crack thinking Peru wouldn’t snatch up Morales in a heart beat right now.

  6. Hell I wish I could have made it even as far as that. Its an accomplishment and they’re all young enough to make it or even before the next World Cup.

  7. I would Love to watch that. A 24/7 or Hard Knocks type show would be awesome. Could be called USA: Road to the World Cup or something and would probably bring in more fans if its well made.

  8. I dunno about anyone else, but I watch this and wonder if HBO would be interested in doing a full version of this (or even just cutting together the whole thing here) about World Cup Qualifying, and then airing it in the lead up to the world cup. Then maybe after the World Cup they could air another series about the actual world cup finals. It would be great to see stuff like what the guys do while they’re on their down time during the world cup or how the team and the staff knit together.

  9. At the same time, they were very close to getting into the 23 man roster. Professionals know that cuts occur and Morales is so young and hasnt had that many game appearances yet. The fact that Klinsmann called them shows that their talent is being looked at. Do u think Morales is going to start for Peru? Not now at least.

  10. I’m surprised Klinnsman is breaking the new to the cut players in front of the entire team. Kind of embarrassing for them but it shows how close-knit they are.

  11. sucks he straight up told morales its time for you to leave go get some PT then we can talk.

  12. Juan looked like he wanted to cry after he got cut and Morales is like” WTF? serioulsy? I flew from Germany where my team got relagated just to get let down here again. Screw this I’m playing for Peru” lol

  13. great vid, great team. I just wish more americans would care more… this should have 3 million views, not 3k. AMIRITE?

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