Is Klinsmann The Next Manager For An England Team?

With several candidates being considered for the next managerial position in England, Jurgen Klinsmann has been one of the names that are being considered.

He is definitely one of the favorites of the bookmakers currently but there are close contestants like David Beckham. Klinsmann is known to have revived the fortunes of Germany team for the two years he spent with the country’s team as their manager. Joachim Low was assistant to Klinsmann, who is considered a winning coach of World Cup caliber. Since 2006 Klinsmann has been doing his managerial job and hence, he has over a decade’s experience to provide.

Indeed, the Euro cup decides the moves and appointments for many teams and their managers. With England, having failed to pass on to the knockout rounds, there is frenzy in the air about bringing about a change in the top manager position for the team. Many feel that England is rapidly declining in their performance and gone are the days when they were right behind Germany or were better than them which were the trend in the late sixties.

Today the contrast between the two teams is apparent. Germany was able to make a remarkable turnaround under Klinsmann and hence, he is now being considered for England’s team despite his nationality. When he was offered the managerial position for the German FA team in 2006 he was inexperienced as a manager but he had the energy and the enthusiasm as well as charisma which were some of the key skills he possessed from his playing days at Tottenham Hotspur, Inter Milan, Bayern Munich and other teams. He helped Germany reach the semi finals of the World Cup that was played on home soil. His assistant also showed the same traits of leadership and helped the team to move to the finals and finally win the cup in 2012.