Jurgen Klinsmann Talks On Management Return

The famous Jurgen Klinsmann is a German football manager and a former player and was the recent head coach for the United States national team. As a player, Klinsmann did compete for Germany team in the year 1994 with 5 goals and 3 goals in 1998 World Cups. In addition, he was known to be the first players scoring minimum 3 goals in 3 consecutive world cups. He is one of the 6th highest goal scorers as far as World cups are concerned

Jurgen Klinsmann recently shared his opinions by saying he would come back to international management to manage a country which would be capable enough to reach the World Cup semi-finals. He was under contract as United States coach previously through the World Cup 2018. After watching the World Cup which took place in Russia and seeing how United States missed the trophy, Klinsmann said that he would not think of rushing to international management.

Before the world cup in Russia, he had 4 to 5 enquiries from team that played there. However, he turned them down as their aim was to survive their group stages. Now if he makes a comeback, he wants to manage an association with some best calibre and with a mission to achieve the last 4 at the World Cup. However, if such scenarios don’t arrive anytime in the future, he would not mind it and continue with his family. His daughter still goes to school and by the time she starts going to university, the situation will definitely change.

The World Cup would return to United States soon post hosting in the year 1994. Klinsmann appreciated the successful joint Canada, Mexico and U.S. bid for the tournament of 2026. He also said that America will undoubtedly be an excellent host as United States is known for its best hospitality. It will be spectacular. Considering all his achievements and performances, whatever he is asking for does justify.