25 thoughts on “Passing the gloves at #1, Tim Howard’s backup? – Power 5 Klinsmann’s Radar”

  1. Mexico already has 3 solid gk’s and depth. We are shooting ourselves in the foot by starting Howard again and again in meaningless friendlies when we should be looking for a #2 and #3 gk for our national team.

  2. I’d start this guy over Rimando in one game against a C-team national team.

  3. I’m pretty sure he’s on loan to hull city right now, but i could be wrong

  4. Brad has been sitting on the bench at Aston Villa behind Shay Given. Has filled in when there was injury but overall not seeing much action in the Prem.

  5. Any international player is allowed one country switch. Since Meara is playing for Ireland now, doesn’t mean he can’t come to the US in the future…RBNY

  6. im not gonna argue with u…u can believe whatever u want but all the good american GKs are in europe not in the MLS

  7. right. “rimando ain’t good.” oh and the reason why he hasn’t been chosen as #1 is some guy named tim howard.

  8. Messi is a forward..rimando is a GK…GKs need to be tall, some short gks r good like barthez but rimando aint good. Theres a reason why he hasnt been chosen to be the #1 US GK

  9. 1. that’s a hyperbole.
    2. a player’s height has nothing to do with their ability.
    3. being shorter than the average player doesn’t make you “terrible,” ask some guy named messi.

    Do you realize how stupid the statement you made is? “rimando is terrible” I’m not even an RSL supporter but I know any GK who’s been around long enough to be #3 on the games played list for keepers is not terrible. i assume you have a brain, please use it.

  10. What happened to Brad Guzan I know he was the heir apparent to Howard and I haven’t heard anything from him in quite a while.

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