The Beginning of Frank de Boer in Atlanta Seems Like the End of Jurgen Klinsmann with USA

A famous soccer coach from Europe has come to America for leading a major transition. He is famous for his playing career, but he is more famous for his managerial stint at the entrenched power. At the time when the team struggled, he said, insisting on this is all the parts of the process, and outside expectations are overstated.

Who is in Your Mind?

If you are a fan of Atlanta United frustrated by the poor beginning of this defending champions, Frank De Boer might be in your mind. However, the fan from America would also relate the whole description with another polarizing figure that fits this profile perfectly and this is Jurgen Klinsmann, former boss of the U.S. men’s national team.

Though two names are attached with one description, the stories of both are not the same at all. De Boer manage one five competitive matches ahead of coming under the pressure in the U.S. most soccer-mad city. Klinsmann was responsible for half a decade prior to his career tenure started to loosen during the qualifying cycle for FIFA World Cup 2018.

This De Boer might yet to figure just like another famous former player from Europe turned as MLS manager, the Patrick Vieira. The man from France also had an equal bad beginning to his managing tenure of MLS but improved to lead FC New York City to three back to back post seasons. The turnaround of De Boer could start on Wednesday night when the host of Atlanta CF Monterrey of Mexico will play quarterfinals of the second Leg of the Concacaf Champions League. Although, so far, but the parallels between the De Boer beginning of time in charge in the America and the conclusion of Klinsmann’s are getting clearer now.