Was Jurgen Klinsmann a Mistake for Hertha?

Jurgen Klinsmann, in a shocking decision, got down from th3 position of manager of Hertha Berlin. Jurgen Klinsmann was being chased by Hertha Berlin for a long time for the position of head coach. But after being in his position for 76 days, out of which almost half of the time went in the Bundesliga winter break, Jurgen Klinsmann, who had been the manager for Germany, USA and Bayern Munich in the past, stepped down from his position.

Initially, Klinsmann signing with Hertha Berlin looked like a very good decision. Jurgen Klinsmann is a huge name and he always had great ideas, something Hertha Berlin was in dire need of to go with their recent rebuild. Hertha made a statement by hiring the World Cup winner. Since Hertha was not content with being the most non-metropolitan capital city club in Europe, it appointed Klinsmann to take a step ahead in being the big city club it always wanted to be.

Klinsmann commented on the situation, explaining what this was all about. He said that people have been talking to him about Hertha Berlin. How Hertha is waiting for something big to happen to it and how Hertha has so much potential and that Hertha hasn’t realized it’s true potential so he decided to sign up for the post.

Given the nickname of Alte Dame which means Old lady, Hertha Berlin is one of the oldest clubs in the Bundesliga. Hertha has a reputation for being as grey as their nickname suggests. They stand out amongst the other European capital city clubs as a club with very fewer titles. This might be a result of Berlin’s Cold War history and the demographics of the divided city and the very difficult and slow recovery from this past. And Klinsmann’s time with the club shows the struggles of Hertha Berlin trying to pull itself up.