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Donovan Didn’t Hesitate To make His Opinion Known

The USA team reached the round of 16 which was far more than what was expected. The American side was pitted in a difficult group where they had to play against: Ghana, Portugal and Germany. Getting past the group stages of the 2014 World Cup was a tough task to accomplish but the team of Jurgen Klinsmann managed to do it as they secured the 2nd place of group G with 4 points which was the same amount of points that Portugal had but USA had better goal difference.

When the 2014 edition of the World Cup was over, Jurgen Klinsmann received a mix of negative and positive feedback towards the decisions he made during the already concluded World Cup.

Landon Donovan was surprisingly left out of the squad and the veteran attacker did not hesitate in letting his voice be heard as he went on saying that Klinsmann got the tactics all wrong.

Donovan spoke to the media a day after USA was eliminated from the World Cup as he praised the work that his colleagues made throughout the entire tournament but criticized the formations and playing style that Jurgen Klinsmann opted to go with.

“I think we’re all disappointed in what happened yesterday. I think the most disappointing is we didn’t seem like we gave it a real effort, from a tactical standpoint. I thought the guys did everything they could, they did everything that was asked of them, but I don’t think we were set up to succeed yesterday, and that was tough to watch.”

“It’s a results-oriented business, and so, results-wise, you can hold your head high. But, if you really look at the performances, there were some good performances by guys, some not-so-good performances by guys. As a whole, I think tactically, the team was not set up to succeed.

Despite receiving negative feedback from Landon Donovan, the American squad managed to get past the group rounds of the World Cup which was something that not many people were expecting and recognized figures such as Diego Simeone and Pep Guardiola praised the work of Jurgen Klinsmann as they stated that the German coach has ‘’ revolutionized football in the United States’’.

World Cup 1990 Final – Argentina 0-1 Germany

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Klinsmann Already Plans For Next World Cup

A 2-1 defeat against Belgium saw United States being eliminated from the 2014 World Cup but the manager of the squad, Jurgen Klinsmann has already outlined some of his plans for the years to come as the German tactician revealed details about how he is planning to reshape the team.

During the World Cup, United States locked horns against Portugal, Belgium, Ghana and Germany and the American team conceded goals in every single match but nonetheless one of the standout performers of the entire competition was Tim Howard.

Tim Howard made superb performances in every match as he tried to keep his team fighting till the very end and not concede goals in the early stages of any game. During the last match of the World Cup that USA played, Him Howard broke the record for most saves in a World Cup match as he made 16 saves throughout the entire match and this is just evidence of how important and influential the veteran shot-stopper was for his squad.

However, at his 35 years of age Tim Howard has already stated that he is considering retiring from playing at the international scene and Jurgen Klinsmann revealed his plans of allowing younger players on stepping up and representing USA.

“A good thing about this next year is that we kind of have the opportunity to see a lot of young players coming to our platform, coming to the senior team. We can give them time to show where they are up to right now. The experienced players, or the older players, we can tell them for the next couple of months: ‘Go play in your club environment, we know you inside out anyway, we know what you bring to the table’. But right now maybe there’s time for the next couple of friendlies that come up and over the next year that we want to see the young players grow and see how they can make it.’”

The German manager of USA also went on saying that in order to recognize a huge improvement in the squad, it will take a long time but he believes that everything is going the right direction.

U.S. Soccer Interview with Jurgen Klinsmann: High Intensity Training

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Jurgen Klinsmann wants players to put them on the market with strong World Cup run

United States Men’s National Team boss Jurgen Klinsmann has told his players they will be playing for glory, fame and fortune at the World Cup.

Except for a few exceptions, the USMNT are one of those low key teams in the World Cup who do not have much to expect from the showpiece event of the beautiful game but the former World Cup winner has said this is where the players need to perform if they want to sky rocket their careers to the stratosphere.

The German has told the players that they can put the top clubs on notice by their performance in the World Cup.

Klinsmann told the media that this is the stage for the players where they can prove they are ready to take their careers to the next level or even higher than that. He went on to add that there is no better event than the World Cup and whoever steps on to the pitch, should embrace this opportunity, give it a smile and go for it.

Jurgen Klinsmann knows a thing or two about going for glory at the biggest stage of them all when he won the World Cup with West Germany back at Italia ’90.

There have been countless instances where players secure big money moves – often for extremely inflated values – on the back of their performances at the World Cup and the former Bayern Munich boss wants his players to put them on the market with a strong run in the tournament.

Not many people expect the USMNT to get out of the Group of Death, Group G, which features the likes of Ghana, Germany and Portugal but Jurgen Klinsmann wouldn’t mind as long as the team can give a good account of themselves and go out with a big bang.

Jurgen Klinsmann joins Bill Riley & Brian Dunseth at halftime of Real Salt Lake – Toronto FC

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Jurgen Klinsmann joins Bill Riley & Brian Dunseth at halftime of Real Salt Lake – Toronto FC

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Klinsmann Reports US Are “Well Behind”

The US national team manager Jurgen Klinsmann has sensationally claimed that his team are behind the preparations for the World Cup 2014. The US are expected to have the toughest World Cup campaign of the lot after being grouped alongside Germany, Portugal, and Ghana. All four teams realistically come into the tournament with aspirations of reaching the knockout stages, but only two can reach this stage. Klinsmann accepted when the draw was made that it would be tough for the US to reach the knockout stages.

Now, he has further darkened in the mood by suggesting that the US are well behind their schedule for preparation. He recently named the squad of 30 players, which will be cut down to 23 in the first week of June. There have already been several surprises in the squad with DC United midfielder Eddie Johnson being one of the high-profile absentees. The three group opponents start their training next week after the end of the league season in Europe. On the other hand, the US have already started preparing for the World Cup and were greeted with intense heat of the Stanford stadium.

Klinsmann says that the players in Europe will be coming into the tournament at the peak of their condition, while the US players have to improve a lot.

“Their foundation is different than ours. A lot of our guys do not have the same foundation as our opponents have. We have to catch up. That’s the work we have to do now over the next three weeks before we start our tournament. Hopefully, we catch up and even add a little bit more on top of it. That’s what starts today. We combine it all in an exciting way. With the ball, with small-sided games with a lot of action there, so we’re not going to be running through the forest here even if it’s beautiful,” said Klinsmann.


This will be the first World Cup that Jurgen Klinsmann goes into in charge of the U.S National team and the former Bayern Munich coach is expecting that he can push the American side on new levels of success.

The furthest that the Americans have reached in a World Cup was back in 1930 when they managed to get into the semifinals but from there on out it has been a struggling campaign for them with the Group Stages turning into a hard task for them to escape from.

Klinsmann has been the head coach of the U.S National team since 2011 and even though the German coach has had successful times in charge of the squad, he received a lot of criticism after suffering 4 defeats and only 1 victory in his first 6 games as the coach of the team.

As time progressed, Klinsmann started snatching better results as he claimed a historical victory during a friendly match against Italy and a few months later another triumph but this time against Mexico in the Estadio Azteca. Klinsmann continued his positive streak and eventually agreed on signing a new contract with the United States Soccer Federation which is going to see him remaining as the coach of the team until 2018.

On an interview, Klinsmann explained the differences that exist in coaching in Germany and the U.S.

“In Germany it is a bit simpler because there is only one expectation … We say we want to win this thing, for us in the U.S., it is a growing process. We can surprise people in Brazil, but obviously our expectation is to get out of the group no matter who we draw. After that, we need to make the players understand it is all about mind games. Every game becomes 50-50 and will be won by the team who is better prepared and believes in themselves more.”

Klinsmann is not expected to turn the American side into World Champions but at least to help them get into the next stages of the upcoming World Cup.