Current head coach of United States Men National Team [USMNT] Jurgen Klinsmann said his American squad responded perfectly to disappointment the team has been facing of recent. The US men’s team edged closer to the top in Group C of the CONCACAF qualification campaign. Goals from Clint Dempsey, Geoff Cameron, Graham Zusi and Jozy Altidore gave the US a 4-0 win over Guatemala.

Jurgen told reporters: “[It was a] perfect way to respond to the disappointment from a couple of days ago,” he told reporters. “It’s been a long couple of days analyzing that [defeat to Guatemala] and correcting it, but I must give many compliments to each one of them for a very clear message. We are on top of the game and in the driving seat again.”

The US had come under intense criticism following a 2-0 loss to Guatemala. With the win in Columbus, Ohio, the US team moved up to the second spot in the group. (more…)

Jason Kreis found a new managerial role alongside Klinsmann

Jason Kreis is a 43 year old former manager and player who became unemployed a few months ago when he parted ways with his latest club New York City FC. Now that Kreis has more free time at his disposal, he took the chance to meet up with the coach of the U.S national team JurgenKlinsmann.

Klinsmann is currently working with a group of players that he previously selected to go with him for the annual January camp which is traditionally held in Southern California. Kreis took the chance to meet up with JurgenKlinsmann and see how things are going with the U.S national team but the German manager put Jason Kreis to work and there might a possibility of Kreis becoming an assistant to Klinsmann depending if whether or not they are able to work well together and collect positive results.

A few days ago it was confirmed that Jason Kreis became a temporary assistant manager as he will be helping out JurgenKlinsmann in their annual event which is excellent news for Kreis who has said on numerous that he wants to be in charge of the U.S national team someday in the future and with his new managerial position, Kreis now has the chance to gain first-hand experience until this training camp reaches its end on February 6. (more…)

JurgenKlinsmann continues to struggle with his national side

July 22nd is not a date worth remembering for the United States national side and all of their fans as this was the day when the U.S team lost against Jamaica in the semifinals of the 2015 Gold Cup.

Losing against Jamaica was a huge surprise as the American outfit was one of the favorites of making it into the finals and actually winning the entire tournament but ultimately lost 1-2 against Jamaica.

This defeat is a huge blow for JurgenKlinsmann and the national team in itself but mostly for the German coach as the pressure is really beginning to build up. Bob Bradley is the previous manager of the United States national side and JurgenKlinsmann was the manager who replaced Bradley, when the German coach was selected as the new coach, this created a wave of optimism as he promised to turn the American national side into an energetic and youthful team that could compete against some of the best teams in the world.

These promises haven’t been fulfilled as the results have not been up to par with what has been expected and assured. There are a number of problems that the team of JurgenKlinsmann has been displaying and the German manager is the man that fans are putting the blame on.

One of these problems is in relation to the defensive department of the American national side which has John Brooks and Ventura Alvarado at the heart of it but this combination of defenders has been disappointing.

Matt Besler and Omar Gonzalez are playing outstanding in the Major League Soccer but JurgenKlinsmann has constantly been overlooking players in the MLS as he prefers to give the chance for those who are performing in Europe but this needs to change in order to allow other players the chance to step it up on the big stage. (more…)

JurgenKlinsmann wants to turn the U.S. national side into a single breathing organism

The U.S. national football team managed to reach the Round of 16 of the 2014 World Cup and this was a huge accomplishment for the American team and nation in it’s entirety as the squad was able to defy all odds and not only survive the group stages but also get past it ahead of: Portugal and Ghana.


The American team was pitted in Group G, this group was considered to be one of the toughest of the tournament. Germany were favorites on finishing at the top and indeed they did snatch the top spot meanwhile everyone else had to fight for the 2nd qualification spot and surprisingly enough it was the U.S. national side that snatched the 2nd spot.


Just by surviving those group stages was a noteworthy accomplishment for JurgenKlinsmann and his players. The U.S. national team went on to the Round of 16 where they played against Belgium and lost 2-1.


JurgenKlinsmann said that he has learned from the mistake he and his team did which caused them to lose their match against Belgium and according to the German manager, he wants to turn the team into system, a system where all the players are aiming for the same thing where the same style is played.


Former star of the U.S. national side, Landon Donovan said: “Teams perform best when everybody plays the same style and understands the system that needs to be played. If you can teach kids that at a young age, I think it’s very helpful.” (more…)

Jurgen Klopp says that he is still confident that the club can end the season on a high

Borussia Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp says that he is still confident that the club can end the season on a high if they win the next two home matches. A 3-1 defeat against Borussia Mönchengladbach meant that the team still sit outside the top 10 of the table.

The prospect of finishing in the Europa League spots appears to be disappearing fast, butKlopp says that this season will still be considered as a positive one if they managed to win the next two matches at home. These will be against Frankfurt and Paderborn. Dortmund are six points away from the sixth spot which will be enough to secure European football for next campaign.

Dortmund would have been hoping to compensate for this poor run of form in the league by reaching the quarter-finals of the Champions League. However, defeats in both legs against Juventus meant that they were knocked out of the competition following a 5-1 aggregate loss. The focus for the rest of the campaign will be on the league, while there is also the small matter of a DFB Pokal cup match against Bayern Munich. Klopphas admitted that without a win from the next two home matches, the probability of being in Europe next season will be virtually gone. (more…)

Michael Bradley position in US National Team Debated

Michael Bradley’s position in the US national team has been subjected to much debate. While the American International is used to playing in the centre of midfield, national team manager Jurgen Klinsmann has not been afraid to experiment with the 27-year-old.

Since he is at the peak of his career, it is often maintained that Klinsmann would be fine with just using Bradley in his best possible position. The Toronto FC star is not someone who comes with a great reputation of scoring goals. After all, he has managed only 13 goals in 93 matches for the national team.

Klinsmann used the midfielder as an attacking force at the World Cup. It has been speculated that the former Bayern Munich manager may even consider pushing the 27-year-old even further up the pitch. A lot will be revealed about Klinsmann’s ideas when the US take on Denmark in a friendly match towards the end of March. The US also have another friendly lined up against Switzerland. Both these matches could be used to improve the team even further. (more…)

Jurgen Klinsmann shocks many after Recruiting Youngsters

US national team manager Jurgen Klinsmann has surprised many by calling up several youngsters in the upcoming rooster. The former Germany manager has explained his decision by saying that he wants to start developing young players for the national team.

The United States did well at the World Cup 2014 by almost reaching the quarter-final stage. However, one criticism of the national team has been the lack of youngsters as they have been too reliant on the likes of Tim Howard and Clint Dempsey. These players are at the twilight of their careers and are unlikely to be at the next World Cup.

Klinsmann recently announced the squad for the two friendly matches in January. The 28 man squad included several youngsters and Klinsmann says that this is seen as an ideal preparation for the Olympic. The US will be playing in friendlies against Chile and Panama. (more…)

A Tremendous Athlete And Role Model

Jurgen Klinsmann the head coach of the U.S national team and an ex-Tottenham striker strongly believes that Robbie Keane is extremely professional and this quality of his makes him an ideal role model in the modern game for all footballers.

He has also been consistently jetting across the Atlantic to turn out for Ireland. Despite of his age and legs that have been ageing he has scored 53 times in 84 regular season games since he has arrived in the USA from Tottenham in august of 2011. Jurgen is totally astonished and awe struck by how his fellow mate has continued to stay at the top level and maintain his position.

He has established himself the League MVP front runner in 2014 where he scored a total of 19 goals and 14 assists in 29 games. Jurgen believes that all the young players both from the U.S as well as others should be following him and his lead. He has also praised him to the US Soccer whom he told that Keane was a gem and an outstanding athlete who is fit to be the role model for all the players that are there.

Jurgen says Keane is a player who always gives his hundred percent. He is the kind who even when goes to the field for training will consider the training to be the real match and gives everything that he has. He is a person who is totally dedicated and very professional. He helps and teaches the younger players to become that professional. He is a player who at the same time also plays for the national team. He keeps flying back and forth for a game. He is a special player who can play a match tonight and be back with galaxy tomorrow and play another game there.